Damn, I’m a Ma’am! Music Video

Hey from Lala Land! Xchel here, my assistant is non existent, and this is the tale of Damn, I’m a Ma’am!

Damn, I’m a Ma’am! is the latest video I directed & edited.  I had fun working with Joleen Lunzer (Actress), Natalie Curfman (Actress), Tim Prendergast (Actor), & Jason Robinson (DP)! I make a small (too big) cameo, so see if you can spot me. Hint: I’m the brown guy.

Joleen wrote the lyrics and I wrote the song the night before the shoot. We used Garageband to record. We had to stay considerably quiet since it was 2 AM in our thin-walled apartment complex. She was inspired by aging and how it affected her in life.

Joleen in front of Honda Civic from Damn, I'm a Ma'am!
Joleen with male dancers

The next morning I reached out to Jason Robinson to see if he was available. Much to our chagrin, we nabbed ourselves a Director of Photography. Next, we reached out to our actor friends. They said yes because Natalie and Tim were on their “weekends.”

We ended up shooting Damn, I’m a Ma’am! in an alley behind our apartment. We were careful and made sure to stay out of people’s ways. A cop car drove by slowly and I thought we were doomed. They were passing through, but I wish we asked them to be in our video.

Joleen gazing outward from Damn, I'm a Ma'am!
Why did we stop filming?

I’m a big fan of making videos as soon as they come to mind. It’s a beautiful mess. I do it because I overthink the creative process. This keeps me interested in the creative  as I stay engaged rather than anxiously debating my inner critic. I’m lucky to have access to the tools to create a music video overnight.

We ended up with a lot of footage so stick around until the end of the video to see outtakes. My favorite is Natalie verbally cringing while Joleen ate a dollar off the floor.

Joleen leading a choreographed dance from Damn, I'm a Ma'am!
Do what I do, or else!

Damn, I’m a Ma’am! was a fun foray to the world of music videos. I look forward to making more.

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